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Lombardini Marine Kohler KDI

Discover the new Lombardini Marine Kohler propulsion engines:




KDI 2504M-MP (50HP@2600rpm)

KDI 1903M-MP (40.8HP@2600rpm)

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Lombardini Marine Kohler KDI Engines

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  • Lombardini diesel engine LDW 1603 Lombardini LDW1603 diesel engine, with a power of 40.1 Hp and 3 cylinders. Here some exampe of its applications: Farm machinery, Tractors, Cement mixer, Vibrating plate, Roller, Asphalt cutter, Generator, Refrigerating groups, Motor welder, Motor sweepers, Aerial platform, Fruit picking/harvesting, 4x4 Tractors, Compact...

  • Kohler-Lombardini CT Move engine Kohler-Lombardini CT Move engine  is a four stroke diesel used for city car, minicar and A.T.V (All Terrain Vehicles).   Go to Lombardini engines catalogue

  • Lombardini diesel engine LDW 702 Lombardini LDW 702 diesel engine, 2 cylinders, liquid-cooled is used for applications such as:: 4x4 Tractors, Motor mowers, Cement mixer, Rotary hoes, Lawn mowers, Farm machinery,  Dumper and Minidumper, Mini excavator, Vibrating plate, Motor compressor,  Roller, Asphalt cutter, Generator, Refrigerating groups, Motor...

  • Lombardini diesel engine 9 LD 625/2 Lombardini engine 9LD 625/2, 25.5 cv air-cooled 2 cylinders. These motors represent the best market proposal for their own segment, delivering durable performance, compactness and low maintenance costs. Much used in applications such as 4x4 tractors, pumps and compressors, generating sets, farm machinery, mini dumpers....

  • Lombardini diesel engine 3 LD 450 Lombardini diesel engine 3LD 450, conceived for the agricultural field, is virtually indestructible.The main applications are: farm machinery, tractors and motocultivator, motor mowers, rotary hoes, lawn mowers, cement mixer, dumper, minidumper, mini excavator, motor compressor, vibrating plate, roller, asphalt cutter,...

  • Lombardini diesel engine 6 LD 401/B1 Lombardini diesel engine 6LD 401/B1 thanks to its versatility, is useful for many applications, such as: farm machinery, tractors, motor mowers, rotary hoes, lawn mowers, cement mixer, dumper, minidumper, mini excavator, motor compressor, vibrating plate, roller, asphalt cutter, generator, refrigerating groups, motor...

  • 1 400,00 €

    Lombardini Kohler Diesel engine KD15 440 The Kohler Lombardini Group, with the release on market of the new KD15440, has decided to improve even more the performance of the famous Lombardini 15LD440, already a market leader in the sector, offering low fuel consumption and low emission levels. KD15440 is an air-cooled, monocylinder diesel engine of 441 cc,...

    1 400,00 €
  • Lombardini Diesel engine 15 LD 440 Lombardini engine 15LD440, also renewed in its Kohler version, with the Kohler KD15 440 model, is the market leader in many of its range, being used for a variety of applications such as:Farm machinery, Tractors, Motor mowers, Rotary hoes, Lawn mowers, Cement mixer, Dumper, Minidumper, Mini excavator, Motor compressor,...

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