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Lombardini Kohler Engine KD15 440

Lombardini Kohler Diesel engine KD15 440

The Kohler Lombardini Group, with the release on market of the new KD15440, has decided to improve even more the performance of the famous Lombardini 15LD440, already a market leader in the sector, offering low fuel consumption and low emission levels. KD15440 is an air-cooled, monocylinder diesel engine of 441 cc, which thanks to the new air filter and the new tank, is the engine with the longest maintenance intervals and the most simple category maintenance. Its versatility makes it useful for many applications, such as: rotary hoes engine, motocultivator engine and agricultural engine in general, as well as being widely used as a motor-driven engine and as a generator set engine.


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  • In order to meet ever increasing market demands, the kohler group has been updating its range of air-cooled, single cylinder diesel engines. Now, we are pleased to present the new kd15 440 engine, which, with its advanced technical features, strengthens and improves the current 15 ld ngine series elevating it to the very top of the class within its power range.

    The 15 ld440 model, already a market leader in numerous sectors including: agriculture, construction, generating sets and pumps, has been substantially updated. Now re-branded as the kd15 440, the new engine has improved performance, reduced maintenance costs and increased ease of use for the operator.

    AIR CLEANER. The new air filter allows an use also in extremely dusty conditions. This result has been achieved thanks to a high efficiency separator with pre-filter (optional) and an ccumulated-dust drain valve in the filter itself. Furthermore, the increased dimensions of the cartridge and the high filtration capacity of the paper element greatly enhances the engine protection, resulting in a considerable reduction in maintenance costs.

    TANK AND FUEL FILTER. The new tank, with its modified components, greatly contributes to facilitating all maintenance operations due to some significant improvements, including a new fuel filter which is enhanced with additional safety filter protection. The primary filter (optional) and the safety one, used in tandem, avoid the accidental entry of foreign particles during the fuel refilling process. The primary filter housed inside the tank is easily accessible and can be replaced without the use of any special tools.

    DRAIN TAP. The new drain tap makes it possible to remove water and impurities which accumulate in the bottom of the tank, allowing for cleaning without the need to dismantle other components.

    TAIR CLEANER CLOGGING INDICATOR (OPTIONAL). The air filter clogging indicator integrated into the engine configuration makes it possible to clearly see when maintenance is required.

    LARGER OIL SUMP (OPTIONAL) The larger oil sump increases the intervals between maintenance to 500 hours as opposed to 250 hours in standard versions.

  • 4 stroke air cooled diesel engine
    Conical power take-off on crankshaft
    Anticlockwise rotation
    Forced lubrication with oil pump
    Centrifugal mass governor
    Built-in full flow oil filter
    Oil breathing blow-by with safety device
    Automatic extra fuel starting device
    Self bleeding fuel system
    Torque adjuster
    Automatic compression release
    Die-cast aluminum crankcase with integral cast iron cylinder liner
    Aluminum cylinder head
    Built-in rigid fee
    Hydraulic tappets
    Bore (mm)86
    Stroke (mm)76
    Engine displ (cm3)441
    Injection systemDI
    Compression ratio20.3:1
  • Performance curves Kohler Lombardini engine KD15 440
    Emission complianceECR R 24
    Rating (kW/HP)*Performance curves
    N (80/1269/CEE)ISO 15858.9/10.9
    NB ISO 3046 IFN7.4/10.4
    NA ISO 3046 ICXN6.7/9.1
    Max torque (Nm@rpm)24.5@2400
    Min idling speed950:1000
  • H × L × W (fan excluded) (mm)493.1x412.8x340
    Dry weight (kg)45
    Daily service points - positions1 side service
    Ambient operating temps (°C)
    Gradeability-all round
    (intermittent -30 min) (deg)
    Gradeability-all round(
    peak value -1 min) (deg)
    Cap. of air required for correct combustion @3600 (l/min)640
    Cap. of air required for correct cooling @3600 (l/min)5500
    Dimensions Kohler Lombardini engine KD15 440
  • Fuel tank capacity (l)4.3
    Oil sump capacity (l)1.2
    Oil consumption (kg/h)0.00032
    Oil change interval std/synthetic (hr)250
    Oil filter change interval std/synthetic (hr)500
    Dry air cleaner change interval (hr)500
    Valve adjustement500
    LubricationOil SAE 5W 40
  • Freq.rpmEngine modelMechanical powerStand-by electric powerPrime electric powerFlanges
    Stand-by KW-HPPrime KW-HPKvakwkvakwcono ø
    50 Hz3000KD15 4406.8 - 9.36.2 -
    60 Hz3600KD15 4407.4 - 10.16.7 -