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Lombardini Generator LMG 4000

Lombardini Marine diesel Generator equipped with series LD engine: LMG 4000

LMG 4000 is a diesel generator set that uses the Lombardini 15 LD 350 diesel engine, a four-stroke diesel engine which develops a power of 4 kVA. The alternator is of the synchronous type while the cooling system is air-water with radiator.
LMG 4000 is a silenced generator set, thanks to the fiberglass bonnet designed to minimize noise. It is equipped with a remote control panel and automatic safety stop. Easy-to-service maintenance and working ability even in adverse weather conditions make this silenced power generator the ideal solution for different types of boats.


Owner Manual LMG 4000

  • ENGINE: The LMG 4000/6000 are equipped with the Lombardini 15 LD, single-cylinder, four-stroke diesel engine, known for its compactness and lightness thanks to the crank case and cylinder head in aluminium and the air cooling system.

    ALTERNATOR: On models LMG 4000/6000 the alternator is a syncronous type without brushes with the windings on the stator. The wave shape allows the safe utilization of the most sophisticated electronic equipment and a good input to the battery charger.

    COOLING: A characteristic of the LMG 4000/6000 generator set is the air-water cooling system with radiator. The sea water cools the oil as well as the external walls of the alternator’s stator and the inlet air.

    REMOTE CONTROL BOX: The generator set is supplied with a remote control box and 10 m of plug-in cable. An automatic shutdown operates in case of oil pressure and water temperature failure, warning lights indicate high water temperature, low oil pressure. A display indicates output voltage, output current, engine battery low voltage and runtime hours. On request an additional control box is also available.

    MAINTENANCE: To facilitate maintenance, the generator has been designed to allow the main controls on engine parts, the periodic replacement of consumable components and the filling of liquids only from a side.

    SILENT ENERGY: The cowling is made of fiberglass, with neoprene coating and honeycomb in order to substantially reduce the noise.

    EASY INSTALLATION: The unit is supplied with externally mounted anti-vibration mounts, it is already fitted with a hole on the bonnet for the passage of the drain hose and connections for the electrical wiring and the water pump hoses.

    AUTOMATIC SAFETY STOP: In order to avoid serious and irreparable damage to the engine, a special device will intervene to stop the engine in case of overload, high temperature of cooling water or low oil pressure.

    HEELING: In special weather conditions or when the boat is to sail, it is necessary for the generator to continue to operate on a regular basis to ensure the energy required for the electronic tools and board accessories. The unit can work with lateral or longitudinal inclinations of 25° and intermittently up to 30°.

  • Engine manufacturerLombardini
    Engine Model15 LD 350
    Displacement (cc)349
    Engine power (kW)4.9
    Round/Minute (RPM)3000
    (3600 RPM on demand)
    Cooling SystemIntercooler air-water
    Electric Starter12 Volt remote-controlled
    AlternatorSynchronous brushless
    water-cooled alternator
    Alternator manufacturer-
    Power4 kVA - 3.2 kW
    VoltageSingle-phase AC 230/120 Volt auto-regulated
    Weight (Kg)90
    Frequency (Hz)50 (60hz on demand)
  • Lombardini Generator LMG 4000 Dimensions

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