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  • Parts

    Lombardini Parts and Ruggerini Parts

  • Used Engines

    Used inboard marine engines and agricultural engines

    Safely and selectively used Lombardini

    The used engines come from exchange with our customers: engines that we know perfectly because we perform routine and regular maintenance and, before they are offered for sale, we carry out a series of checks and test the engines on the bench.

    We replace worn parts, make a complete cutting drive (the motor is sold without oil), plus our used engines are not adjusted and respect the factory measurements and are guaranteed one year.

    We offer you the opportunity to purchase the complete engine, semi-comprehensive, lightweight version, or only short block and we can customize the engine according to your needs.

  • Remanufactured Engines

    Remanufactured engines for commercial vehicles, like new

    Remanufactured Lombardini engines, for Piaggio Porter and Piaggio Quargo

    Our Remanufactured Engines are dismantled completely: after a complete washing, all parameters of the wear parts are measured and, in case do not meet the limits set by the manufacturer, they are replaced with new and original parts.
    To each engine are replaced with new and original spare parts: bushings Desk, bushings connecting rods, pistons series, complete gasket sets, complete distribution kit replacement with water pump for liquid-cooled engines.
    Engine head control and revision is performed, replacement valve seats, smoothing and polishing of the cylinder head, hydrostatic testing, polishing crankshaft, rods wear control, pump control and injectors.

    After a careful control, the parts are reassembled and tested on the bench. For this our Remanufactured Engines are like new and will have a long life.

  • Technodrive Inverters



    Technodrive inverters - Twindisc

    Mechanical and hydraulic marine inverters

    TWINDISC TECHNODRIVE and LOMBARDINI MARINE provide users with the best solutions on the market.

    This is why Tecnhodrive is the sole Lombardini Marine supplier for the Inverters line installed on all engines in production.

    The Twindisc Technodrive inverters, if installed correctly and dimensioned according to the instructions in the table, are safe and reliable for every use condition.